Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travel tips from Canadian 'the world's most travelled man'

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Mike Spencer Bown has been backpacking virtually non-stop since 1990, and has visited all 195 of the world's countries on all seven continents.

His grand adventure started 23 years ago, while he was looking down from a mountain in British Columbia. He told CTV Your Morning he had always been fascinated by ecosystems and was inspired to explore new ones.

“I’d seen what I could see across Canada and the States, but I was really curious about jungles, maybe the Himalaya Mountains and things like that,” said Bown, who says he first began his vagabond lifestyle to see different kinds of animals. “But then I found out that people, if anything, were actually more interesting.”

Through his travels Bown picked up a trick or two. For example, a khaki shirt with a lot of pockets is helpful for impersonating officials.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Sears Canada Cut 12,000 Jobs As Business Dwindles

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Sears Canada Inc. has decided to shut its doors and is seeking approval to liquidate its roughly 130 remaining stores — leaving another 12,000 employees across the country without a job.

The embattled retailer, which sought protection from its creditors in June, said Tuesday it had failed to find a buyer that would allow it to continue as a going concern.

The court overseeing Sears Canada's operations is set to hear a motion Friday seeking approval for the liquidation and wind down of the business.

"The company deeply regrets this pending outcome and the resulting loss of jobs and store closures," Sears Canada said in a statement on Tuesday.

Last week, Sears received a revised bid from a buyer group led by its executive chairman Brandon Stranzl to buy the business and keep it operating. It was the latest move in a weeks-long discussion process after Stranzl stepped away from his role to launch the bid.

However, on Tuesday, the retailer said that "following exhaustive efforts, no viable transaction" was received. A lawyer for Stranzl did not immediately respond to requests for comment.