Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For Husbands – How To Make Your Wife Happy. Be her family

Dear husbands, to make your wife happy, you don’t need to give her the billions in the world! Simple little things are what make women glad. If you treat her like a queen, she will definitely treat you like a king. Here are things you should do to make her glad.
1.When your wife feels weak,be to her a father
2.When she cries,be to her a mother
3.When she makes a mistake,be to her a brother
4.When she complains,be to her a friend
5.When she feel afraid,draw her close to you, be to her a lover and assure her all would be fine.
6.When she needs advice,be to her a sister, make her understand that you are always with her and will not abandon her.
7.When she nags and complains, hold your peace, do not argue with her.

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