Thursday, October 31, 2013

David Ortiz named 2013 World Series MVP

It comes as a great shock to us all, but the man who made only five outs in starting six games is the World Series MVP.

David Ortiz has been named the 2013 World Series MVP.

Could there be any doubt?

There are hot streaks. There are clutch performances. Then there is David Ortiz in the 2013 World Series. 11-for-16 with two homers and eight walks--the last bit coming as the Cardinals finally gave in and just started walking him in Game 6--and that's with Carlos Beltran robbing him of a Grand Slam in Game 1.

He's 37-years-old, and back in 2009 it looked like he might be done. Then he found his way back in 2010, looked every bit his old self in 2011, and frankly played better than ever in 2012 right up until his Achilles gave out and let those doubts rush back in. Can Big Papi really still get it done? Will he ever be healthy? How can the Red Sox give him a two-year deal?

137 games later, and he was back in the postseason, doing what he does best: delivering big hits. And never better than in the World Series. A simply incredible performance for the only man to see all three of Boston's World Series in this new era of Red Sox baseball.

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