1. Your childhood nightmares about going to the dentist have been replaced with dreams of cleanings every six months.
dentist happy
2. You say "Look over there!" when someone asks "Is that a rash?"
pointing couple
3. You consider WebMD to be a trusted medical professional
web md
4. You've asked a friend or significant other to look at a mole... down there

5. Yogurt is like antibiotics, right?
6. You politely decline invitations to go skiing, rock climbing or any other activity during which broken bones are a possibility.
7. After googling your symptoms you have resorted to Yahoo! Answers for medical advice
wtf yahoo answers
8. When asked if your pets have health insurance you start laughing uncontrollably
9. You penalize your friends for breathing on you.
afraid of germs
10. Routine check-ups? What are those?
confused woman
11. Your faith in your once-a-day vitamin is stronger than in your religion.
12. After researching home remedies you've eaten some pretty weird stuff and you don't want to talk about it.
home remedies
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