Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Home Remedies To Stop Dry Cough

Home Remedies To Stop Dry Cough

1. Garlic is one natural medicine which has its uses in the treatment of several diseases in the human body. It is well-known for its abilities to improve digestion, and it helps prevent simple cold and flu. There are multiple ways of taking garlic to get relief from dry cough. Although chewing one or two cloves at a time greatly helps, some people prefer to take it in the form of a paste. Make a thick paste of the garlic and mix with honey. Whenever you feel the urge to cough, help yourself with a tablespoon of the paste. This will cut the pain and the frequency of coughing.

2. Every morning after brushing your teeth, take a glass of warm water (not hot but warm) and mix the water with one or two teaspoons of salt and stir well. Thereafter, gargle with the water for 5 minutes or so. Take your time and gargle well. This method also helps in reducing the pain and in subsiding the cough to some extent. This method is also does great for sore throat.

3. For dry cough at night, ginger root works miracles! Every night before you go to bed, put a small piece in your mouth and chew it slowly and swallow the juice. You may feel uncomfortable in swallowing the juice, but then you can sleep peacefully with less coughing than normal. Similar to garlic, you can also prepare a paste of ginger and honey and use it when need arises.

4. Herbal tea ( Specially Green Tea) also helps in treating ailment. It not only rids your body of several antioxidants, but soothes a lingering cough as well. Add a few drops of lemon juice and honey instead of sugar and take it hot.

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