Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Key dates in Ukrainian Unrest

Anti-government protester carries tyres to reinforce barricades built to fend off riot police in Kiev, 28 January 2014          Anti-government protests continue in Kiev and across Ukraine

21 Nov 2013: Ukraine announces it will not sign a deal aimed at strengthening ties with the EU

30 Nov 2013: Riot police detain dozens of anti-government protesters in a violent crackdown in Kiev

17 Dec 2013: Russia agrees to buy $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and slash the price of gas it sells to the country

16 Jan 2014: Parliament passes law restricting the right to protest

22 Jan 2014: Two protesters die from bullet wounds during clashes with police in Kiev; protests spread across many cities

25 Jan 2014: President Yanukovych offers senior jobs to the opposition, including that of prime minister, but these are rejected

28 Jan 2014Parliament votes to annul protest law and President Yanukovych accepts resignation of PM and cabinet

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