Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Israel Builds Detention Center in the Desert for African Asylum seekers

The Isreali government has built a 9,000 person capacity detention facility in the southern desert where illegal African Immigrants would be detained. According to the Isreali government, the illegal immigrants who seek asylum in the country are becoming a burden to the govt and so they would be moved from the Shaharonim detention centre were they are presently being held to the new facility, a place human rights group have called a De-facto prison.

In this new facility which is situated in the desert, the immigrants will be locked down at night, and forced to check-in with the Israeli authorities three times per day. They will also be barred from working outside the centre. Continue...
The illegal immigrants who are more than 1000 would be moved into the facility without any trial or charge and held up in the facility until the Isreali government is able to repatriate them back to their countries.
The Isreali Government through an act of Parliament passed the "Anti-Infiltration Law" which seeks to create a suitable balance between the right of the State of Israel to defend its borders and prevent infiltration, and its obligation to act in a humanitarian manner toward anyone within its borders and protect the human rights due to every person".

There are an estimated 54,000 African asylum seekers in Israel, with most coming from Sudan and Eritrea.

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