Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Question: Why is North Korean leader always surrounded by people (other than Journalists) taking notes?

North Korean's official Central News Agency (KCNA) recently released photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visiting different sites in the country...and one things stood out in all the pictures taken...the young leader is always surrounded by men making notes in identical note pads. These men are not journalists, but generals and government officials. Are they football coaches or hand typists... I must think? what sso you think? See more pictures below
Kim Jong-un's father also had soldiers surrounding him with notepads.
"What is happening is a demonstration of the leader's supposed power, knowledge, wisdom and concern. It's "on-the-spot guidance", something instigated by his grandfather Kim Il-sung in the 1950s. "It's part of the image of the great leader offering benevolent guidance," says Prof James Grayson, Korea expert at the University of Sheffield.

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