Friday, December 4, 2015

Victim of Facebook Love


According to Mozart ‘Love is the soul of the genius’. As Homo sapiens we were conceived from a love conjunction of two individuals that we call ‘birth parents’. We were made in love and live for love. We crave for love and had to share love ourselves. Love keeps the human race orbiting. The genius in us is being called out when we are arrested by the divinity of love.

Since we are birth by love, we daily seek love. Before the age of social media, we seek to satisfy this crave for love by being vocal about it and making our intentions known by different cues in popular culture.  In recent, the advent of technology has made the onerous task seem invincible where you can easily drive love by the number of text characters, type of emoticons and smileys in a person’s status update on a social media tool.

Social media has offered the current generation one of the most unique platform to connect with family and friends seamlessly real-time. Facebook is the colossus giant ruling this space and have at least 2 out of every 7 person connected on the social networking triangle. You can easily share photos, videos, send messages and update personal status. The first thing Facebook ask you is to update your status, it goes like ‘what’s on your mind?’ You know deeply down your answer – you crave for attention and love. In the real sense, Facebook can connect you with people and at most give you ‘likes’ but it is not capable of giving love. You seemly cannot judge the quality of life by the number of Facebook likes.

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