Thursday, April 17, 2014

Horror night as five stabbed to death at Canada house party

Five people have been stabbed to death at a house party in Calgary, Canada in what has been dubbed the worst mass murder in the city's history.

The attacked happened near the city's university campus at a student party. Three men were found dead at the party house, while another man and a women died from their wounds at hospital on Tuesday.

"We have never seen five people killed at one scene," said Rick Hanson, Calgary's police chief, adding that it was the worst mass murder in the city's history. "The scene was horrific," he said.
The police said a suspect, in his 20s, was arrested about 40 minutes after the stabbings.

Neighbours in the area said that the house was being rented by University of Calgary students and that the party was related to the student union's annual Bermuda Shorts Day, an outdoor party on campus, with live music and beer gardens, to celebrate the last day of term.

"This is a terrible, terrible tragedy," said Elizabeth Cannon, the university's president. "It's young people who have lost their lives at a very critical point in their lifetimes. It's a huge impact on all of us."

The victims were aged between 22 and 27.

There was no immediate information on charges or the possible motive behind the stabbings.

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