Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amir Khan Defeats Luis Collazo

Collazo vs. Khan Results: Winner, Scorecard and Analysis
Amir "King" Khan (29-3) made easy work of Luis Collazo (35-6) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand.
The former WBA and IBF light welterweight champion boxed circles around his opponent for 12 rounds en route to a unanimous-decision victory.
Through the first three rounds, Khan's hand speed and movement proved to be too much for Collazo. Several stellar combinations jutted Collazo's head back. The tough Puerto Rican kept coming forward, but he was clearly being outclassed.

In the fourth round, a short right hand sent Collazo to the canvas.
He wasn't hurt, but it undoubtedly put him in a five-point hole after losing the first three rounds. When Collazo got up, he went to an unconventional style and approach.
The eighth round was an interesting one. Khan's movement began to slow, and Collazo seemed to be having some success closing the distance. Unfortunately, Collazo resorted to a bit of dirty tactics. He was penalized a point for hitting below the belt.
He would go below the border again in the final round.
Khan was also penalized a point for excessive holding. But it was not before Collazo landed a hard right-left combination. It was easily his best sequence of the fight.
To Khan's credit, he took the shots better than he has in the past.
Khan came back strong in the late rounds. He knocked Collazo down twice in the 10th. The first one came courtesy of a well-placed left hook to the body. Collazo didn't drop immediately, but a flurry of punches from Khan did the job moments later.
After the fight, Khan wasted no time calling Mayweather out.  
Even if Khan doesn't get Mayweather next, he should get a major opponent in his next fight.
Collazo's efforts were disappointing. Not as much because he was outclassed by a superior opponent but more so because he seemed to stoop to questionable tactics out of frustration.
That didn't match his MO coming in.

Nonetheless, he should get another opportunity against an up-and-coming prospect. That could represent his last chance at a serious payday.
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