Thursday, May 8, 2014

Funny: 21 Hilarious Text Between Parents And Child, LOL!

Some time our elders find it difficult to use the new technology and the proper use of the short language in chatting like LOL, WTF and YOLOs et cetera. These are silly mistakes which makes us laugh a lot.

These text messages are good examples of what would it be like when someone who is new to the technology and social network communication. These mistakes may be embarrassing to the parent and child but are total fun for us LOL

Here in this post, see some hilarious text messaging done between parents and child.

funny-texts-from-parents-1 funny-texts-from-parents-2
funny-texts-from-parents-3 funny-texts-from-parents-5 funny-texts-from-parents-6 funny-texts-from-parents-9 funny-texts-from-parents-10 funny-texts-from-parents-17 funny-texts-from-parents-18 funny-texts-from-parents-19 funny-texts-from-parents-20 funny-texts-from-parents-21 funny-texts-from-parents-25 funny-texts-from-parents-26 funny-texts-from-parents-29 funny-texts-from-parents-30
 funny-texts-from-parents-41 funny-texts-from-parents-42 funny-texts-from-parents-43 funny-texts-from-parents-44 funny-texts-from-parents-45 funny-texts-from-parents-46

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