Monday, July 21, 2014

Unbelievable! Bodies of MH17 crash victims tossed into rubbish trucks and taken to morgue train after 3 days laying in field

Bodies of about 200 victims of the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down on Thursday July 17th were left in heat in fields for over three days before they were finally piled up in bags and tossed into rubbish trucks then transported to refrigerated train carriages where they are said to be decaying.
The train with the dead bodies, which observers says is stinking of decay, is stationed in the town of Torez where rebels who are in charge say they will let it leave this afternoon but didn't indicate where or whether the bodies would be handed over.
There's an international outrage that the rebels are holding the bodies unnecessarily as families beg for their loved ones to be returned to them so they could bury them properly.
The bizarre part is that Holland, who lost more citizens than any other country, isn't showing as much outrage as other countries like Britain that have threatened to seize Russian's billions.

Bagged victims can be seen above lined up in front of a truck yesterday at the crash site, ready to be moved to the refrigerated trains

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