Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Most Valued (expensive) Squads In European Football 2014

#1. Real Madrid - Squad Value (£515m)

#2. FC Barcelona - Squad Value (£510m)

#3. Bayern Munich - Squad Value (£430m)

#4. Manchester City - Squad Value (£415m)

#5. Chelsea FC - Squad Value (£405m)

#6. Manchester United - Squad Value (£355m)

#7. Paris Saint Germain - Squad Value (£320m)

#8. Arsenal - Squad Value (£315m)

#9. Juventus - Squad Value (£310m)

#10. Tottenham Hotspurs - Squad Value (£280m)

Tottenham bought in 110 Million worth of talent last summer while Real madrid bought Bale for the most expensive transfer in world football. While PSG and Manchester City continued their buying power in the last summer transfer window. While Arsenal got the best bargain with Mesut Ozil coming at the last moment while teams like Milan, Juventus and Manchester United took a back seat and did not buy any high profile player.

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