Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet Britain's Youngest Parents, 12 & 13 year old welcome daughter


This is sad to see. Children having a child. A British school girl who has not been named welcomed a daughter with her 13 year old boyfriend. (New parents pictured above with their son).

The schoolgirl got pregnant when she was only 11 years old and still in primary school by a boy who was only 12. The children said they 'were in love' and had been dating for a year w
hen they found out she was pregnant.
They met over Christmas 2012 in a park when she was 10 and he was 11 going on 12. The children welcomed a healthy daughter on Sunday April 13th 2014.  

At 12 years and three months, she is five months younger than the previous youngest UK mother, Tressa Middleton, who gave birth at age 13. 

Her mum who is only 27 is now Britain's youngest grandmother. The new mum has a 3 year old sister and 9 year old brother and her grandmother who is 56 is now a great grandmother.

The girl's father who is currently in jail, and has a 3 and 9 year called into a radio station yesterday to talk about the situation and said he only found out he will be a grandfather just a month ago 
‘I would rather have come home and had this than find out she was on drugs at 11 or 12.  There's plenty of routes kids this age can go down. She's brought something beautiful into the world... That little girl does not bring shame to me at all, I’m so proud of her. Shame doesn’t even come into it. We didn’t know this was happening. Unfortunately kids this age are going to grow up to have boyfriends and partners or whatever. If they do things behind their parents’ back that’s something we’re never going to be able to find out.’
"We only found out she was pregnant a month ago. That means she was eight months pregnant. The baby is going to come into the world no matter what. You can just be supportive about it. The families on both sides are going to be very supportive about it. It is heartbreaking, but you can't turn back time. You can only go forwards.
‘We don't know where it happened. What you're implying is that we knew they were having sexual intercourse in bedrooms. No.'
'We cannot keep her wrapped up her whole life. I cannot keep her wrapped up all her life.  You know, she goes to school, they spend time together. You can’t stop this.
'I cannot go out and watch my little girl 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s not possible.It won’t be happening again, what’s happened has happened because you give your children a bit of slack. So now we will be keeping an eye on people. Maybe we could of [sic] done more.

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