Friday, July 11, 2014

14 Signs You Spend Too Much Time on the Internet Media

  • The Internet is a wonderful place filled with mischievous cats and twerking baby GIFs, so we can understand why you might never want to leave.

    As you log more hours online, you might notice subtle changes in your offline behavior. If your finger has ever absentmindedly flicked the air in an effort to scroll, you understand.

    Every Internet addict reaches a point when the time comes to close the laptop and go outside. Don't worry — Tumblr will still be there when you get back.

    . You've started to hear Gchat pings when you're nowhere near a computer.

    Image: Tumblr theminiatureninja
  • 2. You've become very territorial about your computer.

    Image: Tumblr mylifeisqp
  • 3. You feel compelled to go online at inappropriate times.

  • 4. It's been months since you've had a conversation about something you didn't find online.

  • 5. Instead of using your face to convey an emotion, you wish aloud you could use a reaction GIF.

    Image: Tumblr giraffewrangler.
  • 6. You've sent a Facebook message to someone in the same room.

    Image: Tumblr nipstudent
  • 7. You get nervous if you're going somewhere without Wi-Fi.

    Image: Tumblr fearnohumanbeing
  • 8. You feel an overwhelming sense of relief when you leave a Wi-Fi dead zone.

    Image: Tumblr fuckyeahljm
  • 9. You spontaneously burst into laughter, explaining, "Sorry, that just reminded me of this video I saw."

    Image: Tumblr faithvanhyden
  • 10. You've started referencing memes as if they're universal common knowledge.

    Image: Tumblr theamazingbitch
  • 11. The first thing you do when you're planning a trip is research the Wi-Fi situation.

    Image: Tumblr weirdotwin
  • 12. You've lost days staring at your laptop.

    Image: Tumblr westoftheglass
  • 13. Checking your phone for updates has become a compulsion.

    Image: Tumblr twodumbgirls
  • 14. Your worst fear is a black screen and a lost charger.

    Image: Tumblr grinningflowers
    Molly Horan | BuzzFeed 

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