Facebook has removed some photographs of a Texas teenager posing with freshly killed  animals she hunted during a recent safari in South Africa that had been criticized by users as inappropriate, the company said on Wednesday.

Kendall Jones, 19, a cheerleader at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, set off a social media storm after she posted a series of photos of animals she killed, smiling in one picture as she hugs a lifeless leopard hanging limply from her arms.

Like it or not, the new face of big-game hunting wears makeup and short shorts.
Kendall Jones poses alongside a white springbok she killed while on a hunting trip in Africa. Facebook has pulled several images of Jones posing with dead animals, saying the images violated the site's policy regarding animal images.

Those superficial details, coupled with her cheerleader perkiness and ambitions for reality TV stardom, have made Kendall Jones easy prey for haters.


The 19-year-old Texas Tech student posted photos of herself last month flashing a megawatt grin and posing with the bodies of animals she shot in South Africa, including the so-called Big Five game in Africa — lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo.