Saturday, July 19, 2014

InspirationToday: Maximizing Life Opportunities

Fortune favors the prepared mind.
(Louis Pasteur)
Our success very much depends on whether or not we can seize opportunities in our life. This, of course, won’t happen by itself. You must do your part to make it happen
Opportunities usually come in obscure and insignificant packages. They are never announced. It requires a certain ‘eye’ to spot out gaps, inconsistencies, and possibilities.
We can turn obstacles into opportunities, and further maximize them into profitable outcomes. ‘Stuckness’ is part and parcel of initial opportunity-venture. Instead of seeing them as hindrances, reframe these challenges into new opportunities for new developments and breakthroughs.
Everyday you will have opportunities that present themselves to you. The level of success that you have in life will be determined on your ability to recognize those opportunities and what you do with them. Here are 3 keys to use so that you can maximize opportunities.
1. Keep an open mind.
One of the reasons why you might think that opportunities never come your way is because you don't allow yourself to see them. The best opportunities are rarely the ones that stand out. They usually are the ones that are camouflaged and require you to keep an open mind. The more open your mind is, the more opportunities you will see.
2. Take the risk.
 Once you have seen an opportunity, don't let doubts and fears get in the way. Be willing to take a risk. I am not suggesting that you foolishly take risks but I am saying that there is a level of risk you will need to take. Ask anyone you are successful and they will tell you that they have had to take risks in their life before. After all, risk is just doing something and not knowing for sure what the outcome will be.
3. Act now.
Have you ever seen an opportunity and not taken it and then in the future you wish you would have taken advantage of the opportunity? To maximize opportunity you need to act fast. Don't wait around until you think everything lines up perfectly. If you do that the perfect time will never come. Just step out and do it.


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