Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rape is a Gangster, Lets Fight this


My hands still stretches high and my arms flown wide as I enjoin you to carry with me the flag across the continents –‘IF YOU CANNOT MAKE HER, DON’T RAPE HER’. In temperate dispositions I look deeper at the different angles and shades of the notorious enmity that has torn humanity apart ‘RAPE’. We have been violated, molested, ripped, despoiled and defiled. We need a savior! It appears we have law and order and governed by Ms. Pepples but she has not risen to the responsibility of her mandate. ‘We are alone’

I observed Ms. Pepples detached from the all the factors of modernization that is alien to our fundamental norms and belief system. For instance many rapist are drawn to the idea by what they have seen or been exposed to (pornography). The government is akin to hermit meme, ‘they can do all they like but that is not my business, this tea is good’. How much is the government making from the pornography industry that it has limited or no regulations and consequently, allowed the cinematic ‘rape’ violence and lurid pornographic sequences in those movies, even mainstream release backfired on the society. I wonder sometimes if the law want a real solution or the lawmakers are afraid it is coming back to them.

Ms. Pepples is not concerned, even when houses are burning or a tsunami is blowing the neighbors backyard, so far it is not in her corner. I would imagine the government approach to rape and sexual violence if it happened to the daughter of Barack Obama, Stephen Harper or David Cameron. Not sure which of them has daughters, Google should know. Ms. Pepples is never alarmed unless a member of her house is crossed. She will never intervene, but how long would she wait before the narrative of her story change unexpectedly.

National consciousness is raped as government (who should represent the law) pay lip service to put this menace to bed, once lady Pepples pay a little more attention and take decisive action, there will be even orderliness. For beginner’s, criminalize all forms of rape and sexual violence (marital rape, child rape, necrophilia, aggravated rape, child marriage, genital mutilation, marriage by abduction, custodial rape… casting couches), then lets know which devil is the bravest. We all have right to bodily integrity and right to self-determination, we just need Ms Pepples to enforce this legislation and not merely sighted in print. Before I proceed further, allow me to recant another experience of a rape victim.

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