Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WE Can Stop Rape: I SEE HUMANS BUT NOT HUMANITY 'Fractured Vertebrae'

In a lost fight, she yielded in silence
Her members pierced with a dirk
Sharper than two-edged sword
She screamed, none can hear
She yelled, roll-on fear
All she sees, a world coming to an end
Beckoning her with dread
She wished she is like others-
That attended same performance of evil
And pretend to be whole again
Oh! If she could just fake it
Every morning, it keeps her up
Like the stamp of a searing hot iron
He melted her inner chambers
Life course overturned
Submersed in lost identity
Dominating her entire being-
Till the day life is interred Although one day all men must die
What kills her daily is not the HIV
But the inner pain and trauma
Don’t blame her
She tried to fight back,
She fessed up to the challenge
Howbeit, the rage eclipsed the realms of her physicality
Gritting her teeth and clenching her fist in a fit of survival
She felt her bones rattling, she eventually drowned
Her dried nostrils grasping for a 911 help
There she is,
Every fiber of her gasp for reasons
Reasons far from reasoning
She cannot understand why-
Why she is the object of pain-
At another’s suggestion of pleasure
Daily she sees human but not humanity

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