Thursday, August 28, 2014

'All By Myself' Canadian viral video star living large off Internet fame

Viral video star Richard Dunn (middle left) poses with singer Celine Dion (middle right) and his wife and daughter at Caesar's Palace on July 4, 2014. (Twitter / Caesar's Palace)

Two months after his "All By Myself" airport music video captured international attention, a Canadian man is still reaping the rewards of his hilarious Celine Dion spoof.

Moncton-born Richard Dunn, who now lives in Georgia, has picked up more than 16.2 million Vimeo views since he posted a video of himself lip-syncing to Dion’s version of the song in an empty Las Vegas airport last June. He's also released a book and had a chance to meet the French-Canadian singer herself.

Dunn's viral success came full circle last month, when Dion flew Dunn and his family to Las Vegas to meet her and see one of her live shows.

"When are you going to come up with another video?" Dion asks Dunn in a video posted to YouTube July 14

Dion tells Dunn he doesn't have to sleep alone in the airport, as he does in the video.

In Dunn's video, he can be seen sleeping on the departure desk, sitting outside the women's bathroom and riding the escalators in the deserted airport.

"How could you find a place, in Las Vegas, at the airport, where nobody was there?" Dion asks Dunn.

Dion had invited Dunn to her show in a personalized YouTube message last June, a few days after his spoof went viral.

"Next time you're stuck all by yourself at the Las Vegas airport for hours and hours, please be my guest at my show," she tells Dunn in the video posted on June 12.

“All By Myself” was originally written and recorded by Eric Carmen in 1975. Dion’s version is one of her biggest hits.

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