Sunday, August 31, 2014

UK Woman Allegedly Taken Hostage by Family in DRC “to Cure her Gay Syndrome”

A British citizen has allegedly been taken hostage by her family in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) because her family would like to “cure her gayness.”
The woman, 27-year-old Christina Fonthes, is a Manchester-based LGBT activist and a translator. On August 11th, she visited Kinshasa with her younger sister and mother.
However, during the visit, Fonthes’ mother is said to have seized her passport. She was then reportedly told that her family wanted her to stay in Congo so they could help “fix” her sexuality, The Independent reveals.
According to reports, BBC Sports presenter, Jessica Creighton, is Fonthes’ partner. She has been raising awareness about the situation via social media.
Creighton says: “It became apparent that her family were unhappy with her decision to be an out lesbian. They took her passport and want to… ‘cure her of her gayness.’”
She also complained that the British government hasn’t been too swift about handling the issue. However, a Foreign and Commonwealth spokesman says they are providing consular assistance.
According to the UK Daily Mail, Christina is now heading back to the UK following her ordeal.

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