Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extreme sport 'Flyboarding' gains popularity in Canada

An Alberta company has taught hundreds of people this summer how to strap boots onto their feet and shoot themselves into the air above water.

Does that sound like fun?

Flyboarding, created three years ago by a former jetski racer named Franky Zapata, has exploded in popularity around the world.
A watercraft provides the propulsion, forcing water through a hose that’s attached to the Flyboard, which resembles a futuristic snowboard.

It’s sort of like standing on a jet pack.

At Alberta Flyboard, about 800 people have learned how to balance themselves on the device this summer
“You get that feeling of weightlessness and it’s literally the closest thing to flight,” Alberta Flyboard co-owner Rodney Biggar told CTV

If you’re skeptical about how easy it really is, Biggar says the vast majority of people quickly get the hang of it.

“We’ve got a 95-per-cent success rate of people getting up in the first 10 minutes,” he said.

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