Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dwayne Wade Admits He Foreknew LeBron James Departure

When LeBron James was making his decision about the Cavaliers, he spent some time in Las Vegas with Dwyane Wade, his teammate who brought him to the Miami Heat and seems to be a close friend.

According to Wade, they made it through the whole trip without James actually telling him he what he had decided.

But in his first interview about James’ departure, Wade told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that he knew from James’ body language he was leaving.
“He called me the next day. But I knew then. Obviously he still had to say the final yay or nay, but I knew. I could tell.”
In the end though, Wade seems to have come to terms with James’ choice — even if it means the end of the Big Three.

Again, from the Sun Sentinel:
“As his friend, I’m just supportive,” said Wade, who made no recruiting pitches to James. “As crazy as that might sound, I’m supportive of my friends doing what makes them happy. Obviously, same thing with him in this situation. You’ve gotta do what makes you happy — selfishly do what makes you happy. The decision to go back home was that.”

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