Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Relationship Digest: Damnedest Things Women do For Love

What are the weird, crazy and bizarre things women do for love? How far would you go to bond with a man? Do women have limits? Why do women do what they do? Is it for love or for security or women have lost it. So, while many women do the same thing, everyone has their own reasons. According to Rebekah, ‘I do everything within reason for my boyfriend, but that's because I love him; not because I feel insecure. The only place I do feel insecure is internally’. While Amanda goes extra-mile ‘If a guy was interested in something, I got interested, too. That's how I acted with men’. Crazy things women do nowadays includes; giving up their career, their ties with family and friends, accepting verbal and physical abuse, getting tattoo of his name, supporting their sport team at the expense of theirs, empting their bank accounts all in the name of love.  

It will surprise many that women can go to the extent of getting into a brawl with other women and getting seriously whooped for the sake of saving their love. It has even come of notice that some women, with the help of a device shrink the size of their post-baby birthing vagina. A grandma once advised a couple of young ladies that "You cannot expect a man to be faithful to you if you have a vagina the size of Grand Central Station.". Women will also do unhealthy things such as stealing, telling lies, drugs, settling too quickly and as far as having casual sex to keep a relationship, even to the extent of not staying protected because ‘Mr Loverman’ likes it that way. Worse still, some women go with the general notion that it is better to share him rather than not have him at all. 

But why would women go through all this experience to stay in love? According to research, Women enjoy being in love more than men; therefore they'll do more things to keep the good feeling even if it comes with emotional and physical cost to them. This article is not meant to discourage women to continue to love, but for the right reasons. Though, real love is something that involves work and sacrifice, but it should be something that enriches and elevates you to an even better place. 
Women should know that relationships aren't a construction project, if you enter it thinking you can build a man into the skyscraper of your dreams, then you are another babel fallen apart. Although not every women wants ‘the perfect relationship’ per se, as we know some women don’t want a man, some only needs casual sex or have friends with benefits or remain celibate. But if you are going to go into a relationship, calculate the cost and make sure you add up at the sum of actions. Love yourself first, and then it will be easy to love others wisely. You’re either wise or otherwise. 
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  1. I love my woman. We do crazy things for one another. I believe that is real love. I appreciate her and love her. She's my national treasure

  2. Thanks. I hope that never happens