Sunday, May 19, 2013

What if Courtney Stodden becomes the new celebrity porn princess

What if Courtney Stodden becomes the new celebrity porn princess? Now that the word porn is getting habitual as the word 'whatz up', Courtney who is been trolled by porn studios for a mash-up might well do it, 'yea, we did it'. After giving hints on a sex tape, though not published yet, she might soon be the next Kim Kardisian or Paris Hilton whom similar exploits have enrolled them in  porn celebrity's hall of fame. It will be no surprise if she gets dug by a porn star for a multi-million deal. You never can tell, young girls nowadays will do anything to stay in the news, and become more famous hoping to set new industry benchmarks


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  3. This punk is lost and deluded. Go find some hoes, can't someone be decent