Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lets End Rape Now


As I parade this new thoughts of mine. I hope you join me in raising the flag ‘IF YOU CANNOT MAKE HER, DON’T RAPE HER’. Let’s hop on this horse and make the world a better place for all. That is the conclusion of the matter, but first…


As chirping frogs heralds the advent of spring, yet there are evil tides that met the end of winter but never washed away the anguish of many. If humanity cannot see distance between the good and the ‘just good’, finding the memo for evil deeds performed by evil representatives should not a hassle.  I have relinquish my thoughts to popular opinion but I have never felt at ease with my soul when popular opinion are miles away from best resolution.  Let’s look at the issue of rape in a 3D resolution. I plead you to be patient in your judgment, realistic with your opinion and ride along with understanding.

What is rape? “Oh, those gore stories reported as breaking news on network TV about some people having sex in an erratic order? What really happened? Looks like somebody stole another’s cookies without outright permission. Oh I get it!”

Is that a wise disposition or I am just ‘otherwise’.

Do not be hard on yourself, it is hard for anyone to fully understand and picture what he or she is yet to face. Our empathy could only be the warmest reason of approach. Nonetheless, I will not turn this attempt in a world cup of compositions. I’d rather we sort the box spring, latter we set the mattress in a bid to fight the demons that is killing our bright ones.

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