Thursday, June 26, 2014

Queen Elizabeth Visits Game of Thrones Set

Windsor is coming.

Sure, sitting on the Throne of England is cozy enough, but we always suspected that Queen Elizabeth II was lusting after a slightly more perilous regal seat: the Iron Throne.

Now, we have proof, as the queen paid a visit to the Game of Thrones set in Belfast, Ireland, on Tuesday. Prince Philip was in tow, who we imagine would serve as the Hand of the King. (Never use the bathroom in King's Landing, Philip.)

Maybe the queen is truly interested in playing the game of thrones; or maybe, like most of us, she's just suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawal. In any case, she seemed to enjoy looking at the many props and costumes from the show. She also takes an especially long look at the Iron Throne, making us wonder: is Queen Elizabeth II the ruler Westeros deserves?

Unfortunately, the queen never actually sat on the Iron Throne — she probably knows what happens to the people who do (coughJoffreycough) — but that doesn't mean the Internet couldn't imagine it.


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