Friday, July 18, 2014

Debate: Some Rape Victims Should Remain Anonymous. Why?

REMAIN ANONYMOUS FOREVER- an excerpt from the series on sexual violence against women and minors- 'GANG RAPE, GANGSTER AND MS. PEPPLES. ' featured on

♫ Stop playing with fire ♫, a lullaby I can sing a million times for all women who wear provocative dress that extenuate their female attributes. Know for sure you are not communicating to a man’s senses but speaking directly to his libido. His libido reactions- I can tell you that nine out of ten is irrational. Be warned! Should we be surprised to know 80% of victims are under age 30? These youngies have misconstrue what being sexy should be, they expose too much which warrants those sly attention. Can you blame them?

The society is lost in lust and the media is wrecking us more than ever before. If the council of fashion designers in USA can honor a celebrity who showed up 95% naked with full visibility of her breast and butt as the fashion Icon for the year 2014, and most media reporting how flawlessly, immaculate, trendy and fit she is.

You can imagine girls who take her as role model, not my daughter though, will adopt nudity as their idea of fashion on the street of some of the violent neighborhoods in the world thinking the street is their award red-carpet can do no wrong when they are violated. Whose nemesis?

A friend comments recently ‘this is sad, because she doesn’t have anything on the inside worth displaying so she puts her private parts in display’. I differ though, she is sweet musician who has a formidable platform to plant good seeds in the vineyard of morality. I feel sorry for Rihanna but sorrier for those who follows after her diametric example. Since when is complete public nudity fashion? Imagine, she has the power to reshape the pop culture positively and ultimately her revered fans, but what all these celebrities want to prove is who can break bad the most.

Breaking bad TV series is off-air, oh I wished celebrities breaking bad tendencies can be off-sight as well. Then this is really sad .Please don’t try this on the streets of Mexico, Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Somalia, Pakistan, Nigeria… you may not survive to recant the storyline. No wonder Ms.Pepples pays lip service to this madness, some rape victims forced this evil on their head. Be wise

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