Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Men Talk: Disposition on the Issue of Rape

All men will argue that rape is not their nature but how much of this holds true. Now let’s hear what men have to say to these uneven allegations against their specie-

I was once a target of a female cult, who dealt with targets by gang rape, 20 women in a sex ring, any slack or restrain from the man is met with a punches or metal wires. So let’s not just assume that it is only men that rape, only men are the problem, therefore the solution is to control only men. Needless allegory like the needless alley in the city of Birmingham.

To begin with, men are frustrated with the increasing empowerment of women, so skewed up that the price (women’s expectations) rise to a point where a significant number of men cannot afford the ticket to women’s heart. Thus the price of a bride had soared beyond the reach of an average men.

Hey dude, wake up, the world you are is competitive than ever. You have to earn what you think you deserve. Why do you think you deserve her when you cannot meet her expectations? If she cannot meet the equation, find your levels. Culture is being re-defined and traditions are being tossed but a woman’s value cannot be stolen from her without her permission.

Men want momentarily satisfaction but run from commitments. The more reason a man will say I want to marry someday to his girlfriend, but he did not mention ‘I want to marry you’. The stakes are high, but real men know when and who to climb. So rather than commit to one person, a man loves the adventure of test-running a variety of vagina, even when he has to force his way. Hence, the incidence of rape.

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