Saturday, August 9, 2014

All Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

ARGUMENT 3: All Men Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Why do good men have to pay for other men’s bad behavior? First, a lot of good guys are paying for the mistrust of the bad omen. Do not blame women who fails to see a guy for what he is. They have tried that and often times let down. In a culture where rape and assault is high, women tend to be more suspicious and skeptical. As already adapted by some court justice, ‘all men are guilty until proven guilty’ should be changed to ‘all men are innocent until proven guilty’. That is the best way to tackle this issue in a post-modern way.

All men and women have the right to a fair trial. And once trial starts, if the prosecutor fails to prove beyond reasonable doubt, then the presumption ‘all men are innocent until proven guilty’ remains intact while the defendant is entitled to an acquittal. But in some western community this idea is only in print and far from reality. This is more evident in instances where a person getting arrested, is treated like a perpetrator, and thrown in jail on fabricated but sworn testimony of another person (an angry ex-wife and her trifling mother-in-law) and remain in custody until a bail comes through without due process. This has to stop

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