Friday, August 8, 2014

Animal Sexual Outlets as Alternative Purnishment for Sexual Violators

ARGUMENT 2: Animal Sexual Outlets

There were uproar from many corners when republican former governor of Missouri, Matt Blunt made announcements to have people who forcibly rape children get executed as penal consequences for the despicable acts. One of the alternative real solutions tabled was to provide a sex outlets in some like a trailer park where anyone who has an urge to rape a child can go for some sexual relief with animals instead. That is animal cruelty and second degree rape.

Evil cannot be an alternative solution for evil. The idea is idiotic, were they attracted to animals in the first place, try rape a Siberian tiger, you’ll know better. If you know going out to snick in a tiger’s butt is suicidal and have yourself restrain, you will also restrain yourself from all manners of sexual assault, knowing fully well the penalty is death. I am with Matt on this one, men have been having improper sexual experiments with women and minors for centuries, what better way than to resolve this menace. Who will see a fire and jump in except they are ready to die. It will amaze you that some men are more than ready. We are not holding them back any longer, let them burn to ashes and save the rest of humanity some sanity.

I think India is taking a step in good faith. The four men convicted over gang rape of photojournalist in Mumbai were sentenced to an amended Indian law that sets death as the maximum sentence if convicted of more than one sexual assault. I recommend this as a starter but in the next five years, if this is not enough to deter rapists, we can flip this rule to first offenders as well. In places like US and Canada, many people are against the death penalty, literally they support rapist killing others and all we can reward them for their draconian act is pardon. Wait till it happen to their ward. It is easy to have imbalance opinion about something you are not directly involved with.

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