Monday, August 4, 2014

Blame It on the Alcohol

ARGUMENT 4: Blame It on the Alcohol
Many women who felt they have been raped cannot recall the full experience because they were heavily inebriated. In their clandestine effort to cover up their looseness, they rather not report it. Blame it on the alcohol! Should it be illegal to have sex with a woman under the influence of alcohol? The law needs to address this.

Men’s alternative argument is blame it on the pornography! Such a laughable excuse. It would be even be hard for Albert Einstein to solve the ‘Less porn = Less rape’ equation without an inconclusive answer. Government is faced with a question of morality and responsibility. How much value do the taxpayers get from the porn industry compared with the value they deserved? Most porn are on the net, can government control internet content? Yes they can in this age. I believe for investigative purpose a person history with porn can indicate indiscreet sexual behavior with the opposite sex.

Some women are just worse. I had an unfortunate experience. A guest of mine threatened to beat me up if I did not get her drunk, I would never hit a lady but I was put into a position that is more despair than facing coming traffic. This gist is for another time. Let’s roll over

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