Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Financial and Career Empowerment, Key To End Sexual Slavery

Jump straight in – I read sometimes from the bible, that God created man first and gave him work to do before He brought a woman to his life. Do not trust a jobless man with your daughter. Surveys of the socioeconomic status of rapists indicate that the vast majority of offenders come from lower income, low education unemployed, or unskilled persons. You can make the conclusion, rich men rarely rape.

All men cannot be rich because not all men are at best at using initiatives. Men need to be empowered and recruiters could factor this, as they are helping the society in a wider way. Well, how could this be possible when over 70% of HR are women? Who would they rather empower? You will be surprised at the increased ratio of women landing more office jobs than men. Such unfortunate, the man has to re-invent himself in this new economy order. Seems the woman specie sets for only equal rights but got nothing do with equal left.

It can be very difficult for the man to compete at any front. A word for the man, as it happened in the book of genesis, sort out your work before the woman. And remember, when you sort out your work, find your woman, you could be saving your daughter from incidence of rape, as you would have had just enough to shelter your family in saner neighborhood. Ask me why? A female living in a rough neighborhood stands 50 percent more likely to be raped than a counterpart living in a more settled, secured and serene neighborhood.

Empowerment – one of the demographics that government has to help is the black community. The blacks have the lowest socio economic status, thus making black men linked to almost half the incidences of rape despite comprising a low population count. For instance, black men only make up 6% of the US population but make up over 45% of the prison, for various vices. This is red flag, we do not want to live in this age ‘rape has color’. Government, community, family, religious bodies must rise up to this challenge. We stand chance of saving future generations and reorder the negative legacy.

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