Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Financial and Emotional Cost of a Proper Date


There are other fact in there that seems to justify the actions of perpetrators ‘gangsters’. Some is worth a pinch of salt but that does not give anyone audacity to defile another. In fact, there is no altar of justification for some of the flimsy reasons for which a human being will take the advantage of another fellow unduly.

ARGUMENT 1: Financial and Emotional Cost of a Proper Date
The financial cost and emotional preparation of taking a girl out on a proper date is expensive compared to employing the services of a hooker, at least you get satisfied and get value for substance. To a rapist, dating is antiquated. Why buy some you can steal and get away with it. We must not allow these naysayers strung the hand of the law at the prejudice of others. From my Sunday school bible classes, I remembered God created Man (Adam) and he had a fulltime work before the Woman (Eve) came to the picture. What that tells me that any man seeking the attention or love of a woman must be financially independent and sort out his work and profession first before he may pursue her.

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