Thursday, August 21, 2014

How To Avert Guests Embarassment

Excerpt from King's Taster by Ablethought

Be the king’s taster, like in medieval ages and even currently in some settings, a person taste all the food before the King is allowed to eat. The culture was more popular in old Egyptian and Roman Empire, and taster were also called King’s cupbearer in some provinces. This is to check that the food meets royal standard and also there is no food poisoning. The duty of the “taster” was to eat some of the food prepared for the king and if the taster died, then the king would know that he needed to order something different off the menu

Before you cause your guests food poisoning or stomach flu, taste the food first. Even when you know that all the condiments are within their past use date, it just that some don’t go along with one another. Some ingredients are counter-productive such as soda and vinegar, herbs and grape juice, mango and cassava flakes (garrri), orange juice and milk or ginseng and coffee. Be the King’s taster! Not literally taste the king… magic fail! But taste the food of the king. Anyway, you are a royalty in your own setting, you’re not just the Queen of England **winks**

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