Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Is College Still Worth It? 10 Best Paying Jobs 2014

Is college still worth it? If you want a sure path to making lots of money, yes.

Nearly all of 2014’s best-paying jobs require an advanced degree, according to a new ranking from the job portal Seven of the 10 most lucrative positions are in the health-care industry.

Topping the list this year is surgeon, with an average annual income of $233,150, according to CareerCast, which gathered data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trade associations and its own Jobs Rated report. General practice physicians, psychiatrists, orthodontists, dentists, pharmacists and podiatrists also appeared in the top 10.

“If your interest is in doing something you love and generating a high income, there’s no question that you need a degree, and you need a graduate degree,” said CareerCast publisher Tony Lee. “That’s all there is to it.”

Besides high incomes, this year’s top 10 jobs have another thing going for them: high growth. Nine of 10 are projected to see the number of positions increase by double-digit percentages over the next eight years, according to the Jobs Rated report. The exception is air traffic controller, with a current average annual income of $122,530 and a projected growth rate of 1% by 2022.
Here are the 10 best-paying jobs of 2014 as rated by CareerCast.

1. Surgeon
Annual Average Salary: $233,150
Projected Growth by 2022: 18%

2. Physician (General Practice)
Annual Average Salary: $187,200
Projected Growth by 2022: 18%

3. Psychiatrist
Annual Average Salary: $178,950
Projected Growth by 2022: 18%

4. Orthodontist
Annual Average Salary: $149,310
Projected Growth by 2022: 16%

5. Dentist
Annual Average Salary: $146,340
Projected Growth by 2022: 16%

6. Petroleum Engineer
Annual Average Salary: $130,280
Projected Growth by 2022: 26%

7. Air traffic controller
Annual Average Salary: $122,530
Projected Growth by 2022: 1%

8. Pharmacist
Annual Average Salary: $116,670
Projected Growth by 2022: 14%

9. Podiatrist
Annual Average Salary: $116,440
Projected Growth by 2022: 23%

10. Attorney
Annual Average Salary: $113,530
Projected Growth by 2022: 10%


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