Thursday, August 14, 2014

Justin Bieber Tweets Seth Rogen After Actor Slams Him Again

The poor Biebs. Even when he’s winning these days, he’s losing. He just can’t quite seem to get the train back on the track. He stays quiet, and then people like Seth Rogen call him out, and refer to him as a “piece of s**t.”

In all fairness–and we do mean fairness–calling anyone a piece of feces is not cool. Sure, it’s not literal, but unless you’re offering it as a term of endearment to a frat brother, or a longtime friend, it’s not cool. It’s just not. Yes, we’re going on the record to say that calling people names is never cool.
So, how might a punk-a** like Justin Bieber respond to such a verbal barrage? (Sorry. Still not cool.) Let’s rephrase: How might a reformed Justin Bieber respond to such a verbal barrage?

Well. It seems he has gotten some good advice. In fact, one could argue that he finally followed the lead of the deity that he claims. Justin responded with kindness via Twitter. Albeit, Justin was a little backhanded with his response, but… tit for tat, Justin out-cooled Seth in this war of words. And dare we say it…? Cooler heads prevail.

It’ll be interesting to see if Justin’s tweet will score a response. Seth Rogen may be brash, vulgar and definitively absurd at times, but there’s no denying that the guy has a huge heart. Huge. So, could there be a new pot-smoking alliance between these two guys? Survey says: Not very likely. But, you never know. Maybe, deep down, there is a Canadian bromance between these two, just waiting to be explored.

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