Monday, August 11, 2014

Motivation: THE PLATFORM

I often hear when I moan on why I don’t have the opportunity some of these successful people like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Kiichiro Toyoda, Jack Welch, Tiger Woods, Michael Eisner or Beyonce. I just thought of something, these not overnight success. Were they talented? Yes they are, am I different… I suck, I get it. But wait, come to think of it, these people only climbed up because they were successful in each platform, from there propels to a bigger platform and they keep going at it.

What is my platform? Forget about tomorrow, just here and now. My platform could be my five team members in my company, my country neighborhood, my grade 10 class, or the front counter at Walmart. What impact have I made in my circle of influence that warrants the world to give me a bigger stage? Often times I keep hearing these noises in my head, ‘If I were in Whitehouse’, ‘If I had $1million’, ‘If I can sing like MJ’… I could have done this or that… but nah bruh. Obama did not start in the White house, nor did Bill Gates had the million dollar bucks to kick start Microsoft. In fact Mahatma Gandhi needed no campaign manager to voice his concerns and to lead revolutionary democratic movement in India. I heard that Katy Perry started from a church choir.

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