Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Putting An End To Sexual Abuse


We cannot deal with rape at the surface; identifying the crime and punishing the criminal would not deter newer vices. But first we need to understand the root of the problem and change the conditions that lead to such criminal behavior.

First, it has debated severally the extent to how women contribute to the menace. Yes we all know it is so rampant in our society where a woman dresses to appeal to a man’s libido than his senses. I like to suggest that men have right to report women who dress too provocative (especially in neighborhoods, school of learning and the workplace). This can be anonymous reporting like whistleblowing initiatives most forward thinking organizations set up for employees to report workplace issues without any reprisal.

On the flipside, all progressive nations need to have a special dedicated emergency number to report any form of sexual assaults (rape/sexual assault hotline)’. This service must be secured, and aim to improve reporting. It amazes me that less than 40% of sexual assaults are reported or brought to light. This line of reporting would bypass family, friends or society stigmatization, where practice investigators would securely carry out a criminal investigation and bring convicted culprits to justice.

 Afterwards, culprits be publicly named, shamed and maimed- leave no options for anyone who intend to end another. I am thinking the penalty for rape is not stringent enough, and that’s the more reason men can never be careful until we change the law. I support capital punishment for culprits, or at least life in imprisonment, this will send a good note of advice to others who can reason or tend to err.

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