Sunday, August 10, 2014

When I Am in Love Turns Sexual Abuse

ARGUMENT 5: I am in love
What a bad way to end your life to constantly allow someone to sexually abuse you because you are in love. Wake up, you are dining with a disaster and you don’t even know it! Basic economics of sex shows that there are many men than women looking for sex whereas there are many women than men looking for marriage.

This tells us that more men than women are quick to jump in to the act of sex because they are physically attached while many women than men will do same because they are emotionally attached. That explains while some women will be sexually abused for the rest of their life because they never allow common sense to have a say in their reality. ‘I am in love’ is what gets you hacked every other week.

A guy’s perspective premise on ‘nowadays women are more stress then they’re worth’ so you go Westside and flow with Young Dro on F**k dat Bi**h. Music nowadays are just so mean, this democracy is crazy, government had better a firmer control on that industry. However ‘them’ boys need to understand sex without love is like stolen cookies without milk and remember when they cut through a lady without invitation, they are stealing pleasure while she suffers pre and post pain.

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