Monday, June 2, 2014

OMG! Woman Beaten to death with an iron bar at MacDonalds in China

Barbarism is everywhere in the world and it's sad that people will just stand there and watch while another human being is clubbed to death. A woman in China known only as Ms Wu was beaten to death with an iron at McDonald's restaurant in China on Wednesday night May 28th while customers watched just because she refused to give her attacker her number. See the Daily Mail report below;
The alleged victim was having dinner at the fast-food outlet when an unknown man, identified as Mr Zhang, asked for her phone number.
Once she refused, that's when a very tragic and violent conflict unfolded over a brief 20-minute period.
Upon the rejection, Mr Zhang used an iron bar to beat Miss Wu to death right in the middle of the eatery.

Witnesses told that Mr Zhang was also having dinner with his friends at Zhaoyuan, in China's Shandong province, when an argument broke out with Miss Wu followed by a physical dispute.

The website reported Mr Zhang's friends joined in and also beat Miss Wu, kicking her in the head and she was lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

They then proceeded to use an iron-handled mop to strike her in the head and continued to do so until the handle broke.

Graphic images and a three-minute clip of the beating is circulating online.

Another news site,, reported that Mr Zhang was encouraged by a woman shouting 'beat her to death'.

The accused six were arrested on Saturday and police believe they are part of a religious cult.
Zhaoyuan police said on their microblog that the members, four of which are from the same family, belonged to a group calling itself the 'All-powerful spirit' or 'Almighty God' and had been collecting numbers in an effort to recruit new people.

Emergency crew confirmed that Miss Wu, who has children, died at the scene which occurred between 9.10pm to 9.30pm.

No one was reported to have tried to help the victim as video footage of the incident caused an uproar as it showed customers watch the woman scream in agony as she was beaten to death.

The McDonald's is located across the street from a local police station.

Zhaoyuan is in Shandong province, a traditional hotbed for religious cults. The region gave birth to the violent anti-Christian Boxer movement that laid siege to Western interests in Beijing and elsewhere during the waning years of the Qing dynasty in 1900.

State broadcaster CCTV said religious material had been found at a location linked to the sect but gave no further details. A clerk who answered the phone at Zhaoyuan police headquarters said no one was available to comment on the case.

All-powerful spirit, or 'Quannengshen' in Chinese, was founded in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang in the early 1990s and later spread to the country's eastern provinces, the newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

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