Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sex Factor: America’s First Reality With $1M Prize!!

THE SEX FACTOR: The "talent" show sees hopefuls vying for $1 million and the chance to appear in a scene with porn star Belle Knox.

The culture has moved on

For the past half century, talent shows have been a fixture of television, and never more so than today. What they've all lacked, from Young Talent Time to Top of the Pops to American Idol, is sex. At least according to the benefactors of the latest contest, The Sex Factor.

Miriam Weeks, the 18-year-old Duke freshman who revealed herself to be porn star Belle Knox, will be hosting an online porn star competition called The Sex Factor. In the promo video for the series, she explains that eight guys and eight girls will compete for $1 million and "porn stardom."
The 16 would-be actors and actresses have never had sex in front of a camera before (or at least shared the experience) and it will be up to an online voting congress to decide the winner, who will appear in a scene

Like pretty much every other reality TV show, The Sex Factor appears to have the ridiculous conceit, the not-so-polished acting, and the obligatory dude with a British accent; who’s to say it won’t be a success?

The show's creator recently told the New York Daily News that the competition would show "full-on explicit, advanced porn scenes like group sex." The show will be filmed in San Francisco and be broadcast online this fall

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