Thursday, December 18, 2014

Air Canada flight diverted after a South African assaulted passengers

Tyler Anderson/National Post
A flight was diverted to Halifax, Canada, and a South African passenger was arrested after she allegedly assaulted two flight attendants on the plane traveling from London to Toronto.

Air Canada Flight 869 was diverted just after 12 p.m., local time, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, according to police. The flight resumed its trip with the remaining 239 passengers and crew at about 3 p.m

When the plane landed in Halifax, Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, Canada's national police force, came aboard and arrested the 30-year-old woman, CTV News reported.

"The preliminary investigation indicates that a female passenger allegedly assaulted two flight attendants during the flight," Sgt. Alain LeBlanc reportedly said. "The woman was arrested and is in police custody. The investigation is ongoing."

LeBlanc added that no one was injured.

It's been a terrible few months for passengers and air travel. In China last week, a passenger engaged the emergency exit slide "to get off the plane quicker." Meanwhile, on another flight, a passenger threw scalding hot water at an attendant.

Last month in the U.S., a woman was kicked off a flight with her emotional support pig, and this past summer was the Great War of the Reclining Seat.

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