Thursday, December 11, 2014

American football fan passes note to man after spotting his gf sending romantic texts to another man

An American football fan who went to watch a game passed a note to a man sitting in front of him (note pictured right) after spotting the man's pregnant girlfriend sending romantic text messages to some other guy named 'Jason' through out the match.

The man named Lye said he was there to watch a game when he saw the woman sending messages like'I wish I was with you all day' and 'I will see you as soon as I am done with him', and couldn't help himself but tell the woman's partner at the end of the game what she'd been up to. 

He then later posted his experience on Facebook, explaining to his followers what happened and even shared a photo of the note he sent to the man and a picture of the couple at the game.

The images have since gone viral with many questioning if he was right to wade into a complete stranger's relationship.

Lye claimed in his post that the woman kept the phone screen tilted out of eyesight of the man seated next to her, and would even shut it off and put it away when he engaged her in conversation.
Feeling sympathetic for the man seated in front of him, who he believes was being cheated on, Lye got up near the end of the game to find a pen and piece of paper to write the stranger a note. 

When the man got up to leave, Lye handed the piece of paper to him and said to read it when he got home. 

Lye later took to Facebook to post an image of the note and the woman who was was seated in front of him, showing the back of her head with her phone out, writing a text. 

The pictures have since gone viral online and many have called Lye out for interjecting himself into the stranger's relationship. 

Lye has since defended his actions to Mad World News, saying he usually likes to stay out of other people's business, but overheard a few rude comments the woman made to the man she was with that made him pity her partner. 

He says at one point in the game, another spectator commented on the size of a portion of fries saying: 'Wow! For the price they charge for fries here, that's pretty small. They barely give you anything.'
The woman in question allegedly quipped back: 'It's okay, I'm [used] to small things'. 

Others criticized Lye for possibly putting the pregnant woman in harms way, pointing out that her boyfriend could have been abusive. 

Daily Mail

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