Tuesday, December 9, 2014

French inventor creates pill that will make your fart smell like chocolate

A 65yr old French inventor Christian Poincheval (pictured above) has created a sweet smelling pill that makes farts smell like chocolate.

The chocolate pill is a new addition to his other products which include pills that make farts smell like roses or violets and fart-reducing powder for pets.

According to him, necessity was the mother of this invention. He said he was was eating dinner with friends in 2006 when he realised the group had caused a gas attack at the restaurant.
"Our farts were so smelly after the copious meal, we nearly suffocated. The people at the table next to us were not happy. Something had to be done. When we were vegetarian we noticed that our gas smelt like vegetables, like the odour from a cow pat, but when we started eating meat, the smell of the flatulence became much disagreeable. We needed to invent something that made them smell nicer"
Poincheval claims his pills not only create chocolate-scented farts, they reduce intestinal gas and bloating because of ingredients like vegetable coal, fennel, seaweed, plant resin, bilberry and cacao zest. 

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