Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hamilton Woman In Ontario Keeps Husband’s Corpse in Bedroom for 6 Months Hoping for Resurrection

A devoutly religious Canadian Christian woman, Kaling Wald, kept her husband’s decomposing corpse in their bedroom for six months because she believed God would resurrect him.

According to CTV News, Wald’s  husband, Peter, suffered from Diabetes and did not seek treatment when his foot became infected, because he believed God would heal him.

Peter’s health deteriorated, and he went into a coma in March and died before the end of the month.

Reports state that Wald and her 5 children, who are between the ages of 11 and 22, “thought Peter would be resurrected and therefore kept the door locked and waited for him to come to life.” They prayed fervently everyday for the miracle to manifest.

Authorities found out about the situation in September, when they arrived at Wald’s home to her family, as they had defaulted on their mortgage. It was then that they discovered her husband’s decomposing corpse in the bedroom in a state of mummification. The body was covered in blankets, and a gauze was wrapped around the left foot.

Wald has pleaded guilty to “failing to notify authorities of his death from an illness he was not getting treatment for,” under the Coroner’s Act. She received a 5-year suspended sentence and 18 months probation with counseling.

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