Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ontario duo charged with theft after tweeting selfie with stolen liquor

Two people who snuck into a private room at a bar and stole several bottles of liquor were caught after they shared selfies on social media that showed off their bounty, police say.

The thefts happened Tuesday in Barrie, Ont., located about 100 kilometres north of Toronto.

The suspects helped themselves to hard liquor and started doing shots while taking selfies, Barrie Police say. They then took five to seven bottles and continued drinking on a back patio.

When staff found out, they approached the pair, who then fled, police say.

The following day, management heard that people were bragging on Twitter about the theft and escape.

“Accompanied with the tweets were photos of the two parties drinking the stolen booze while hiding behind the bar,” police say. The photos matched surveillance footage of the suspects.

Police have charged two people in their early 20s with theft. The male has been arrested and the female is expected to be arrested.

Barrie Police say the two “have likely landed themselves on Santa's naughty list.”

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