Saturday, December 6, 2014

World’s Fattest Man Weighed 444 Kg Dies at Age 44

Fattest Man in World
The fattest man in the world who once weighed 70 stone (444.521 Kg) is dead at age 44.

Prior to his death, Keith Martin had weight-loss surgery, Daily Mail reports. He had three quarters of his stomach removed, and subsequently lost half of his body weight.

However, he died of pneumonia eight months after the surgery. Before the surgery, Martin was consuming 20,000 calories a day – 10 times what is recommended for adults.

According to reports, “he had six-egg fry-ups for breakfast then pizzas, kebabs, Chinese takeaways and Big Macs for lunch and dinner, all washed down with six pints of coffee and two litres of fizzy drinks.” There was once a period when he didn’t leave his UK home for 10 years because he was unable to walk.

“We’re still grieving. We miss him very much,” said one of his two sisters, Tin

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