Tuesday, December 16, 2014

XFactor Judge Mel B’s Husband Slammed By Fans For Bruises Spotted On Her

Mel pictured with her husband (left)                            Mel on the show on sunday with bruises (right)
Mel B's husband has slammed speculation that he was responsible for her scratched and bruised appearance on The X Factor judge on Sunday. Mel B came back for the show's live final after being admitted to hospital in agony on Thursday night.

There had been no explanation from the 39-year-old former Spice Girl for her hospital admission, which caused her to miss Saturday's episode of the show.

But concerned viewers pointed out that she appeared to have 'a swollen face', a bruise on her cheek and scratches on her upper arms as she appeared for the show on Sunday night, speculating her husband, Stephen Belafonte was involved as Mel wasn't wearing her wedding ring.
Within minutes of the show starting, Twitter was inundated with extraordinary speculation over whether she could have been the subject of a physical attack from Belafonte.

Luke Robinson wrote: 'So Mel B was APPARENTLY beaten up by her husband that's why she couldn't make it last night. Hense the bruise on cheek and no wedding ring.'

 Tom Stoneman tweeted: 'Mel B's got a well iffy bruise on her cheek, scratches on the top of her arms and no wedding ring.... #xfactor.

Katy Perry Cherry wrote: 'hope it's not true about Mel B! just seems a bit odd how her "wedding ring was stolen in hospital" and she's got a bruise on her cheek..'

Tim Jones added: 'Not one to spread rumors but Mel B doesn't have a wedding ring and is sporting a nice bruise on her cheek #justsaying.'

But on Monday morning a furious Stephen, 39, hit back, saying: 'I don't usually respond to Twitter msgs but I will respond to comments of hitting my wife which I think are quite disgusting un true!

Mel is yet to say anything about her bruises, but one thing that is clear is, she appeared on the show without her ring.

The Sun also reports this morning that Mel has left her home and her friends are begging her not to return.

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